Guild Rules

  • No Cheating or Hacking Allowed
  • You Must do ALL of the challenges daily
    Yes, we understand the occasional day you might miss challenges, but remember that the guild needs everyone to participate, and when someone purchases a battle for the guild, they use 100 t crystals to do it! The least you can do is play it! If you have to take off extended leave, Please email the Commander.
  • You must make reasonable progress with your leveling and equipment.
  • You must check your challenges periodically even if you have finished them all. This is because someone might have purchased extra battles, or our guild may have been challenged by other guilds.
  • Expect to be killed by guildmates. Not everyone bothers to check name tags while playing, and even if they do, killing teamates is all in fun. Say good game after and take it in stride. If you don't want guildmates to kill you, this is not the guild for you..*NOTE: I know you can't always know, BUT if you KNOW a guildmate is doing a guild challenge, please do not try to kill them--this is the exception to the above rule.
  • Participating in guild chats once in awhile is mandatory. The only exceptions are players who are grandfathered into the guild from the beginning, and/or you are making supreme scores on your challenges, too supreme to be kicked from the guild ^_^
  • You MUST stay in contact and check the guild website frequently in order to get news. I am tired of repeating myself over and over again. If you have any questions, please check the website FIRST before asking me. If the question might affect guild morale in any way, email me the question. If you ask me a question, please read my response, otherwise email me the question and then read the response. I have had several incidences where guildmates will ask me a question (one I had answered many times before... fail to take the time to read my response, and then proceed to ask me several other times.
  • Show respect to all guildmates
  • Limit cursing and as I am a female I respectfully ask that you be aware of this and refrain from being overly vulgar, I especially despise the C word. Also be aware that our guild has some very young members.
  • If you have any questions about decisions I make, please email me with those questions directly-Chat is not a place for a debate on the way I run the guild. If you see me boot a member, and you have a question about it please email me.
  • Any comments that might affect the morale of the guild, is not allowed.
  • You do NOT have to put Sp in your guild name. It is awesome if you do, but it is not mandatory
  • I do not recommend doing guild challenges together with other guildmates... if you end up on the same team, you steal eachothers kills reducing the guild's total score. If you end up on opposite teams you are competing.
  • NO SHITALKING OTHER GUILDS or on World Chat.-We are better than stooping to that level.
  • No Hate speech, racism, or prejudice of any type.
  • If you change your name in the guild, please email the commander. I can not keep up with all the namechanges ^_^ Thanks!