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Website - July 25, 2014

This site is still in the creation process. Please bear with us as we add new features! We realize the site is not phone and ipad responsive, that is our next goal.

We Are Taking A Well Deserved Break!!!

Sociopath's guild is very tired from the tournaments, especially since the only way to rank high (and combat cheating guilds, and guilds with hacker's) is to "recycle". This has lead to  paying attention 24-7 to cyclers, and worrying about trying to win challanges, even when guilds back to back us, causing our challenges to be already 5/2 (sic)

Our guild has a shield on it at the moment, we can break it any time, if we decide to "get back in the game". Perhaps next tournament, we are unsure of when that will be yet. For guildmates who would like obsidians, we have challenges in our other guild Molon Labe. However, we will not be finatical with it, and if we lose there, we lose, I am not losing sleep, work, and children's time on it.

The only sad part about this, is that we rose to rank 1 this tournament before we dropped out and shielded our guild. Viva la Sociopaths!!


Victory is ours!! We have finally leveled up to 10. We would have ages ago, if COM Devs actually gave a crap. Nonetheless, we have overcome, and I am proud of our guild members for their perseverence. I am proud to be a member of the Sociopath family. And for those members who have been there since the beginning, I am honored for their unwaivering faith, especially when our guild hit ranks like 225 during bugged times.

No Excuse Com Devs >_<

The THIRD tournament just ended. We ended with rank 7, but somehow I forgot to take a screenshot when we hit there. The last screenshot I had was when we hit rank 8. However COM's "brilliant" developers do not snapshot the rankings at the tournament's end, instead they take it after the game's tournaments are already reset. I don't understand it at all. This should have been caught BEFORE the first tournament, but three tournaments later and no fix??? WTF COM DEVs??

CinnSP being the sweet person she is, and perhaps playing the devil's advocate suggested that perhaps COM Devs were working on a larger bug at the moment. I said, "you are right, it is called COM 2".

I Have Infiltrated And Taken Over Akatsuki!!


NEWSSSS::::MUAHHAHA Sociopaths take over one of COM's top leading guilds!!!

Just Kidding! Akatsuki honored me by trusting me to hold their guild for them, while they worked out a wing bug. I am very humbled by their trust. They are friendly awesome people, and great friends of the Sociopaths!

Guild Structure

I have created this guild structure so far... if you are an officer listed here please email me using the bottom of the page link. If you can not maintain contact and agree to my terms, or if you wish to not be an officer, your name will be removed, and moved to the vet section.

*Please see members section*

if you have any questions or concerns please email me

-Lady Aurora

More and More Bugs!

The guild stopped resetting the banner, description, and back to "anyone can join" once a day. Now it is doing it once an hour!! Immortalz challenged us back to back, and Zamochit's and my battles already say 2/2 even though we haven't touched the new challenge. *sigh* *grumble* *sigh* Time to start putting some SEO to our site and get the news out there!

We Got Screwed AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

COM Really has no idea how to treat its customers. We keep getting ignored and now this! We were ranked 81 last night even though we should havebeen in the top 20 ranks, because that is where we were before we stopped being able to issue challenges. Last night we were 80 something in the ranks and were promised 100 obsidians. This did not happen, instead we were given 10!!!!!!!

Please see our complaint here:



Challenge Lists - August 13, 2014

We have been trying throughout the day and night to issue challenges, unsuccessfully. We have asked around, and have found that most guilds are having the same issue. Especially level 6 guilds, but possibly all levels. We have tried to get developer Sam's attention on this matter. Please continue to check every so often to see if challenge lists are fixed.

Officers - Please welcome 2 new officers - August 8, 2014 - Updated August 11, 2014

Many guildmates have asked if they can be officers. Everyone is great, but we can't all be officers. Choosing them is very hard. I am very picky about picking officers, and please do not be offended if you are not picked for the position. There are certain qualities that might help me decide, such as time zone, or if I see leadership, activity, maturity etc. If you are not picked to be an officer, know that later you will earn a Veteran Spot on our guild website list, and who knows in the future you might be picked.

UPDATE:I have picked 2 new officers. I have seen them encourage other players. utilize a great team spirit, and they have tried to propell this guild towards the top. They have given advice to others, and have spent the time to create a great guild atmosphere, as well as get others involved.

iChiefSP and ShattaSP

Shatta also is a player in another time zone than the other officers which gives a bonus as far as help with players who play on that zone.

ShattaSP is an officer, but at the moment his character is bugged. He is not able to be seen on the member list so I can not promote his character until it is fixed. However he is still an officer, and if you have any questions or concerned he can also be of assistance.

Once again, I hope everyone understands and agrees that these 2 are officer material.... that is not to say there aren't other guildmates who aren't. In the future if I see leadership qualities, there may be more officers issued. Older loyal members will get special veteran status eventually as our guild continues to make history on Call of Mini: Infinity!

CHALLENGES - August 8, 2014

Please stop asking me why we do not have challenges issued. If there are no challenges issued, I assure you, it is not for lack of trying. Also please stop and read messages posted in the challenge page, I had already said what was going on.  At this time the challenge lists are bugged. I know that a lot of other guilds have complained about the same thing...

Basically, there is a list of about 10 guilds. The same guilds, and when I click to try to challenge all of them, they all say that they have already been challenged, i.e. they are full on challenges. Refreshing the challenge list does not help. Basically I waste my precious time all day and even every couple hours throughout the night, refreshing the list in the hopes that one new guild will pop up on the list. Sometimes this happens and VIOLA a new challenge. However this for the past couple days has been more infrequent than ever. Yes we have dropped on the ranks list because of this, no it can not be helped. If anyone would like to donate buying guild battles it costs 100 crystals. I will be putting together a list of anyone who donates. Otherwise, the ony other thing that can be done, is for everyone to keep sending support tickets requests, and pming Sam on the forums to try to get some help. Unfortunately that is the best we can do, until com devs fix this.

WE ARE ON THE RANKS!!! - August 8, 2014

We are finally back on the ranks! Hopefully our guild will stay fixed. We are on the top 20 for the tournament and the top guilds!! We have gone up against non bugged guilds, guilds that have been able to get 6 challages a day, guilds that have been buying 5 battles each challenge with hacked crystals. And bugged guilds that have hacked players or hacked obsidians, and we are still in the top WITHOUT CHEATING and with MAJOR Handicaps!! We have hung in there when everything looked sad and lost. We did not get our 150 obsidian owed to us. A lot of our members were rolled back chronically, and yet we have perservered.

Our guild has proven as a whole that we are tough, and the best gamers to hit COM. I am proud of our guildmates, and everyone should be proud of themselves. I salute you Sociopaths!!


We did not get our tournament Obsidian Crystals. We have been begging for COM to fix our ranking, and they have been ignoring us. I have thought about restarting the guild, however LEGENDS guild did that, and their new guild just ended up bugged as well, after all was said and done. Thoughts anyone?

List of Guild Bugs

Our guild is bugged at the moment. I have sent in and added a bug list to Call of Mini: Infinity Forums. Everyone please put in tickets as well. The list is as follows:

  1. Everyday our guild reverts from "request to join" to "anyone can join" our flag and description gets reset as well
  2. There is a member named Nova69 who is showing in our guild, but isn't really there. I have tried booting and it says player is not found. When you click on this character they have a different flag, and yet points are showing for this member
  3. 2 days now we have lost experience points for our challenges!!! This has caused our guild to fall behind on lvls!!! /wrist
  4. Our guild is not showing up on the leaderboards
  5. Our guild has not shown up on the challenge lists
  6. Our guild gets the same challenges over and over again on the list no matter how many times you refresh, and these guilds have already been challenged.
  7. Our guild's inner description keeps resetting right after changing it.

Guild Status

Technically our guild is full at the moment, however as we are only 4 days old, we are in the process of weeding out members that are not contributing towards our guild's common goals. When most members are working hard and contributing time and efford as well as buying extra battles with crystals, it is very important for all guild members to log on daily and do the challenges, and work hard on it. Every member slot is precious, if you are not utilizing the spot to the benefit of the guild, you are a deadweight and will be removed. At the end of cycling, the goal is to have only supreme serious members, who will all push Sociopaths to the top of the charts.


At this time, there are a lot of cheaters and hackers on Call of Mini: Infinity. It is unfortunate that we have to compete with such cheaters, and I understand how frustrating it is that we might not be on the absolute top ranks, until these cheaters are found and banned from the game, however our guild will no tolerate cheating. We will get our goals by working hard and being proud of our acheivements. There was a post that upset me on the Call of Mini: Infinity Triniti forums regarding a cheater in Legends Guild. The responses from the members was very sad. I had to respond... Disappointing

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