About Us!

About Our Guild

Our guild was built on day 2 of the introduction of guilds on Call of Mini: Infinity game. Right from the beginning, we were comprised of dedicated players that were doing challenges, and working hard at winning rank in the tournaments. Despite all of our players putting in excelleng effort, our guild was up against cheaters and hackers. Despite this, we still did our best, and was right up in the top ranks, holding our own alongside other guilds that DID decide to hack or cheat.


Unfortunately within days, our guild began to be riddled with bugs. We were no longer showing up on the ranks, despite the fact that our place should have been near the top of the charts. This of course limitted our ability to recruit dedicated and like minded individuals.


Also, because our guild was no longer on the charts, we would no longer show up on other guild's challenge lists. We also could not get a refreshed page for guilds to be able to challenge, and this caused us to fall behind badly. Our guild members began reverting in levels, and crystals and thus began losing obsidian crystals. When the tournament ended, our guild members did not get obsidians, although we were supposed to have gotten 150 obsidian crystals each. Now we have to compete with other guilds that are equipped with elite suits


We have thought about rebuilding the guild to be without bugs, however, Legends guild (another COM Mini infinity guild that was riddled with most of the same bugs) restarted their guild, only for them to become bugged again. Over these trying times we have lost members due to all of the bugs and issues, but we retain a wonderful core of players who enjoy each others company. These members will keep going, and pride themselves on not cheating, not hacking, and getting through tough trials only to prove that we are one of the best, if not the best guild out there! We have asked the devs to fix our guild, and we will continue to bug them. We await the day when our guild becomes fixed, and we will rise up through this, knowing that we have the greatest, toughest, and loyalist guildmembers out there!

...AND WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!